Dan Long - Building and Construction

I design and build bespoke and unusual buildings including garden offices, garages, barns, exterior extensions, tree houses, timber cladding and house frames. I will also happily work with and build to your architects designs. Primarily I am inspired by getting exciting projects built.

All of my work is built to the individual needs of my customers. My experience of traditional heavy timber framing influences most of my work. I use a wide variety of techniques but build typically in timber, also utilising other, mostly natural, materials like stone, slate and turf. Where I think it is appropriate or the optimum, I will also use concrete, metal and plastic. My experience of planning laws and building regulations enables me to meet all these requirements in the construction.

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Both designing and build gives me the advantage of having an excellent knowledge of construction detailing. Good detailing makes good quality and, in practical terms, is the difference between success and failure of a building. I will optimise the design and detailing to reduce costs while maintaining quality. Taking a building from design to completion means there is no passing the buck if something is not right.

I use a team of experienced craftsmen all committed to being the best in their field to complete your build and trusted subcontractors for electrical and other specialist work.


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Dan Long - Biography

After a number of early buildings, mostly built with my builder father (including a sauna and a workshop), a spell making sash windows, and some furniture making, I completed a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering to deepen my knowledge in the field.

I had an early career specialising in Renewable Energy (hydroelectric) projects (another interest) then returned to timber construction to exercise my lifelong passion for wood. I set up The Green Construction Company in 2003.